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Ti School of Retail Industry Knowledge, Strategy Facilitation and Executive Briefings

The Ti School of Retail capability-building and advisory solutions provides the FMCG industry insights, knowledge, skills and tools for all levels of your business to support informed and profitable retailer-supplier trading relationships.

OUR APPROACH - Programme and workshop content is underpinned by the Ti research methodology of extensive engagement with decision-makers across South Africa's FMCG suppliers and retailers providing insights required to effectively trade and engage.

OUR FACILITATORS - Programmes are facilitated by experienced Ti analysts who connect annually and bi-annually with key statekholders enabling dynamic content presented with knowledge and insight from collective decased of experience.



Build sustainable strategies to future proof your business.

FMCG Retail - State of the Nation
Future-proof your business with insights into FMCG retail industry trends and developments, with a view of who’s winning and who’s losing. Invaluable for relevant short to medium term strategic and operational business planning. 

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Executive Briefing
Strategic cross-functional insights into your retail and wholesale customers trading landscape and the resulting implications for your business and trade investment.

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Align your business planning with the trading partners to co-create value with informed and measurable customer business plans.

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Customer Business Planning
Informed and aligned account development plans. A powerful customer opportunity analysis workshop equipping FMCG key account managers with the information & strategic insights needed to build relevant channel & customer commercial plans.

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Shopper Marketing at Retail
Essential knowledge to effectively build and activate brand plans. Equipping brand and shopper marketers with the FMCG retail information, insights and industry case studies needed to develop relevant brand marketing and in-store activation plans.

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In-Store Execution
Translating customer business plans into effective field operations strategies. Understand your retail customer’s business and trading format strategy’s. This workshop provides field operations managers with the content and insight needed to build effective field operations strategies and execution plans.

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Equip graduates and new entrants with the foundational knowledge to trade and engage.

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Introduction to SA FMCG Industry
A comprehensive introduction to the South African Consumer Goods trading landscape an the major retailers and wholesalers. Foundational knowledge required for graduates, new entrants and non-customer facing staff to better undestand the industry in which their business trades.

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Effective Customer Contact | Key Account Management
A eight step introduction to Key Account Management. The insights and skills required to be an effective Key Account Manager based on industry best practice.
Effective Customer Contact | Selling Skills
An interactive and practical workshop offering the insights and skills required to improve your selling skills

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Why are businesses failing in the translation of strategy into effective execution in the consumer goods industry?

Ti research into the primary factors hindering South African businesses and their management teams from translating strong and clear business strategy into effective execution and profit has resulted in the following conclusions.

Leadership and experienced managers across the industry know that successful translation of the business plan into action and results depends on:

  • How effectively the baton is passed through (across) the functions – translating the business plan into effective, profitable, right action
  • The effectiveness of the functional and operational feedback loop 
  • Management requisite knowledge, skill and experience

What are the influencers?

  • Economic context
  • Shopper behaviors and demands 
  • Route-to-Market, channel and format changes
  • Pace of technological change
  • Reduction in management skill and experience
  • Loss of generational learning


The solution?

The Ti Integrated Customer Business Planning Solution combines:

Ti Research - Supplier toolkits

Relevant market, channel and retail customer news, information and insight delivered in the right format, to the right people at the right time

Ti School of Retail  

  • Learning & Development to achieve brilliant basics
  • Consulting and advisory services using analyst facilitated strategy workshops to kick-start customer-centric business plan builds by function

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