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Trade Intelligence is South Africa’s leading source of FMCG retail research, insights and training solutions, focusing on the industry’s corporate and independent retailers and wholesalers. It provides unparalleled coverage of the industry, the trends that shape it and the performance of its businesses by telling those industry stories that unlock knowledge and learning. Ti’s ultimate goal is to promote effective trading relationships between all FMCG stakeholders and upskill and inspire best talent across the industry.


A view on the state of e-commerce in South Africa, with no mention of a new normal, pivoting or anything unprecedented. More...

Nicola Allen | Associate Research Analyst | 06 Jul 2021

Thought Leadership: Industry News & Articles

The informal market in South Africa is valued at R164 billion per year, according to Trade Inte... More...

Richard Dunn Chief Implementation Officer at M4Jam | 29 Jun 2021

A fundamental driver of community unrest and poor public relations is the disconnect between fu... More...

Garth McCann, Head of Sales at Gig Technology Company M4Jam | 29 Jun 2021

A survey of 1000 South Africans reveal their attitudes toward the spiralling count of corruptio... More...

M4Jam | 29 Jun 2021

Just as South Africa has been racked by worsening waves of Covid-19, with health facilities str... More...

M4Jam | 29 Jun 2021

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GDP Growth in Q1 2021
Seasonally adjusted (not annualised)



Retail Trade Sales Growth
+15.8% YoY
May 2021
+2.0% vs May 2019 
Consumer Price Index


June 2021
Unemployment Rate
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