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Liquor Retailing in South Africa Report

Understand how retailers are scraping the barrel to make profits in a highly competitive industry

How can liquor brands and retailers remain competitive and find growth in a promotions-driven market plagued by rising costs?  
The key is understanding liquor shopper behaviour and how retailers are responding – unpacked in our 2023 liquor report.

Why Invest In This Report

  • Identify opportunities for suppliers to effectively meet retailers’ expectations
  • Get an on-the-ground view of the informal liquor market
  • Understand liquor shoppers’ behaviours and buying patterns (incl. insights from 1,200+ shoppers)
  • Expose local and international liquor retail trends to guide your strategy
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of the industry for training & orientation purposes

Who should buy this report?

Manufacturers, suppliers and industry service providers who:

  • Operate in the liquor space
  • Feed into or complement the liquor industry
  • Intend to expand their market and are looking for opportunities

Content Framework 

  • Economic context and liquor performance
  • Global and local trends in liquor
  • SA liquor shopper needs and trends
  • Liquor strategies by retailer (incl. corporate and formal independents)
  • The informal liquor market


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16 May 2024  |  9h00-9h45

Get a view of latest trends with highlights from the report.



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