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Liquor Retail Report

Tap into the right opportunities

Carefully distilled market, channel and shopper insights

Why Invest In This Intel

  • Uncover the pockets of opportunity amidst shifting shopping patterns - what are they buying, why, when, and where?
  • Sharpen your channel and shopper strategies by comparing liquor retailers and their shoppers side-by-side
  • Trade better in the informal market by grasping the market’s trading dynamics, traders and shoppers
  • Discover trends to guide marketing and product strategy

Retailers Profiled

Content Framework 

  • Economic context and liquor performance
  • Global and local trends in liquor
  • Local trends in liquor
  • SA liquor shopper behavior
    (Latest insights from over 900 shoppers)
  • Liquor strategies by retailer
  • The informal liquor market




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