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Boxer’s primary interests when choosing store locale is the availability of high foot traffic, either off the street or within a larger centre, within regions that are either over or under traded in terms of direct competitors. With a strong shopper commitment to providing our lowest possible prices to consumers, Boxer has proven that it can thrive well in urban, rural and peri-urban areas, from anchoring ultra-modern shopping malls through to successfully retailing in standalone developments.

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BOXER SUPERSTORES trading space 1,600mto 3,000m2

BOXER LIQUORS trading space 100mto 250m2

BOXER BUILD trading space 400m2 to 1,000m2



For more than four decades the Boxer company has positioned itself as ‘Africa’s Favourite Discount Supermarket’ and as a retailer that caters to the needs of the enlarged middle to lower-income consumer market. 

Since our beginnings in 1977 in KwaZulu-Natal’s Empangeni community, the Boxer brand has grown far and wide and includes well defined retail offerings that boast stores spread in every province in South Africa, as well as in the Kingdom of eSwatini (Swaziland).

"...actively seeking joint opportunities to further entrench both Brands..."

Retail giant Pick n Pay acquired Boxer in 2002 in order for the Group to best serve the consumer market place that Boxer continues to dominate in. Boxer and Pick n Pay’s development divisions work independently as well as interdependently – actively seeking joint opportunities to further entrench both brands’ accessibility to consumers.

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With a professional, dynamic in-house team, the Boxer Development Division works alongside developers, landlords and centre managers through efficient and effective working partnerships.


Provide a rapid response to enquiries and evaluations of proposed sites. This includes full specifications of store requirements for developers.

Evaluate and analyse the suitability of a potential site for a Boxer brand offering within any development.

Negotiate a corporately designed lease.

Negotiate a competitive lease or purchase agreement.

Design a flexible Boxer store format layout, which will best complement the development as a whole.

Ensure the latest Boxer new generation aesthetic features are presented in order to boost the image of this forward-thinking retailer as well as the centre as a whole.

Add value through joint consultation with developers, centre managers and landlords in formulating a feasible development project.

Provide overall centre architecture and design expertise.

Provide full access to Boxer’s suppliers and contractors.

Provide an in-house Boxer project manager on a 24-hour basis to assist in supervising with the construction and refurbishment process following pre-set timelines.

Boxer is able to review a potential referred site promptly due to its close working relationship with its operational Regional Managers who are able to promptly view proposed sites and report back through to the business.


One of the qualities that have contributed greatly to Boxer’s continued success and stability, in often the most challenging of retail climates, is its adaptability when establishing new stores and anchoring new mall developments. With over four decades of retailing experience in Africa, Boxer has the unique ability to adapt its store format layouts to best match those of its developer partners – ultimately drawing a large footfall of supporting shoppers to its trading outlets.

First choice for Boxer is the company’s mandate to actively pursue the anchoring of major shopping centre developments, due to the well-proven fact that Boxer is able to successfully rub shoulders with other leading national brands.

Boxer and Pick n Pay also share many examples of how both retail brands can successfully coexist in centre developments. Both companies actively seek such opportunities to grow this type of Group synergy overall.

Our development strategy is always open to discussion and negotiation with potential development partners and future site developers. Boxer today operates in many key CBDs in Africa, proving that the model trades well in urban areas.   


The Boxer model is equally at home in peri-urban and rural areas.

The majority of Boxer stores operate through onsite rentals which are lease based. These unique lease agreements are structured in different ways, suitable for all stakeholders. An extra opportunity, as an alternative to the lease, is Boxer’s ability to also purchase property and to undertake its own development to best suit the surrounding architecture and retail environment, further re-emphasising Boxer’s ability to adapt on a site-by-site basis.

Importantly, when Boxer joins a community, it makes sure that its presence adds to the architecture and ethos of the surrounding environment. A development of this nature creates months of employment through the acquisition of a large group of locally-based workers. In addition, Boxer has a proud history of providing career opportunities in the way that it employs talented, mostly unemployed individuals, who meet the strict guidelines of Boxer’s staff employment criteria. The belief is not to stand above the communities it serves, but instead, to belong to them and work in partnership with Boxer’s shoppers, its developers and centre managers.

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41 The Boulevard 
Westend Office Park

PO Box 370

Tel: +27 [0] 31 275 7000
Fax: +27 [0] 86 686 2820


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An effective supply chain getting Boxer’s clearly defined range of products to store is an important contributor to Boxer’s success. Distribution centres play an integral part in overall efficiencies at store level. Boxer supermarkets draw stock from the Boxer DCs – this results in smaller space being required for the receiving and storage of stock. Boxer supermarkets in the Western Cape are also able to draw stock from the Pick n Pay Philippi DC due to integrated IT system facilities.

Boxer distribution centres are strategically located en route to serviced Boxer supermarkets in order to ensure that shelves are regularly stocked and product availability is boosted. Boxer continues to seek viable property opportunities to expand its network of distribution centres due to the accelerated growth of the Boxer brand.


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