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Trade Intelligence is South Africa’s leading source of FMCG retail research, insights and training solutions, focusing on the industry’s corporate and independent retailers and wholesalers. It provides unparalleled coverage of the industry, the trends that shape it and the performance of its businesses by telling those industry stories that unlock knowledge and learning. Ti’s ultimate goal is to promote effective trading relationships between all FMCG stakeholders and upskill and inspire best talent across the industry.


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Nicola Allen, Senior Analyst at Trade Intelligence | 23 Jun 2022

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Roelien Havenga | Director of Business Intelligence: Africa & Latin America | 07 Jul 2022


Corporate Retail Comparative Online Briefing
16 Aug 2022 | 08:30 – 10:00​

Insights into who is winning in corporate retail, align resource allocation for optimum return on investment.

Seats are limited





GDP  in Q1/2022
+1.9% QoQ
Seasonally adjusted (2015 constant prices) 
+3.0% YoY
Retail Trade sales image on the Trade Intelligence website
Retail Trade Sales Growth
At 2015 constant prices
+0.1% YoY
May  2022

CPI image on the Trade Intelligence website
Consumer Price Index


May 2022
Prime Interest rate on the Trade Intelligence website
Prime Interest Rate
+50% bps to 8.25%
Effective 20 May 2022