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Convenience’ was a hot topic during lockdown, with shoppers confined to stores close to their homes or work, limiting the number of stores they called on. But with the return to ‘normality’, some would argue that the topic is no longer just a trend – it remains highly relevant, both in the stricter definition of the convenience channel (stores and store types that exist for shopper convenience, e.g. forecourt stores and spaza shops) and the broader definition of convenience, i.e. one-stop shops that provide ‘convenient’ products and quick, easy ways to pay for groceries.

This report provides insights into the South African FMCG retail landscape from the perspective of both the convenience channel (with a focus on forecourt convenience) and grocery shoppers’ search for convenience in what, where and how they shop.

Why Invest In This Report

  • Identify opportunities for growth in forecourt retail 
  • Get a view of the size of the prize in this channel
  • Broaden your understanding of what ‘convenience’ means to shoppers
  • Leverage local trends in the convenience retail space
  • Be inspired by international trends

Who Will Use This Report

  • Retailers playing in or competing with the convenience channel
  • Manufacturers targeting a shopper or consumer need for convenience  
  • Fuel retailers and partners
  • Convenience retailers
  • Convenience product manufacturers
  • Service providers to FMCG convenience retail

Content Framework 

  • Defining and sizing ‘convenience’ and the convenience channel
  • Forecourt ecosystems
  • Forecourt shopper feedback
  • Shopper needs & behaviours in the convenience channel
  • Retail trends
  • The future of convenience

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13 June 2024 |  9:00-9:45

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