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20 Dec - 16 Jan
  • Woolworths Comings and goings
    Starting the new year off with a bang, Woolies have announced that embattled CEO Ian Moir will be stepping down in mid Feb, handing over the reins to ... More
  • Shoprite Code red
    Shoprite are upping their game as the primary healthcare provider of choice – or at least of convenience – with the piloting of a Smart Clinic facilit... More
  • Massmart Hard calls
    Seems like some difficult decisions are being made over at Massmart, where as many as 34 DionWired and Masscash stores face closure, at the possible c... More
  • Sustainability Food for thought
    Pick n Pay are aiming to reduce food waste in their supply chain to the tune of 50% by the once-distant year of 2025, working with 10 other large reta... More
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