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Health and Beauty Report

Expanding wellness in the world of food, health, beauty and home care

Identify wellness opportunities within and beyond the categories of health and beauty

Resilient and growing despite ongoing pressure on shoppers’ disposable income, the health and beauty market worth investing in. The global wellness trend is creating opportunities beyond the traditional categories of health and beauty. Winning through the rise of wellness in retail requires a dynamic approach: innovation is key, aligned with shopper needs and evolving retailer initiatives

Why Invest In This Report

  • Understand the shopper needs that govern the growth opportunities within the health and beauty categories and beyond
  • Identify the latest trends in healthcare, nutrition, personal care and beauty within FMCG retail 
  • Understand the role of disruptors changing the dynamics and relevance of health and beauty
  • Gain insights into the opportunities available in the health and beauty category



Content Framework 

  • Defining Health and Beauty: which product categories are at play?
  • 5 Themes Shaping Health and Beauty
  1. Wellness as a megatrend
  2. The resilience of health and beauty markets 
  3. Disruptors driving change and creating new opportunities 
  4. A shopper-led industry: Navigating innovation around shopper needs
  5. Retail trends supporting the evolution of the health and beauty categories
  • Insights and recommendations to build relevance and grow market share within these growing categories

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Corporate Retail Comparative Online Briefing
16 Aug 2022 | 08:30 – 10:00​

Insights into who is winning in corporate retail, align resource allocation for optimum return on investment.

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