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E-Commerce Report and Online Briefing

Gain actionable insights to grow e-commerce as a sustainable channel.

Catch up on the latest developments and trends in South African grocery e-commerce.

In the greater context of South African retail, e-commerce is still very small, but it is the channel showing the greatest growth. Most e-commerce ventures and business units (even the successful ones) are still losing money. However, retailers are realising that offering shoppers a way to shop online or via an app – even if unprofitable – needs to be seen as a cost of doing business.
This report provides insights into South Africa’s rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape. It looks at what local online shoppers think and want, the influence of international trends and how retailers are responding, with a view to helping manufacturers capitalise on the growth and innovation in this dynamic retail sector.

 Why Invest In This Report

  • Keep abreast of the latest shifts in the international and local world of e-commerce 
  • Review the options and developments in q-commerce
  • Get up to date on retailers’ strategies in this space and how these are translating into execution
  • Receive fresh insights into shopper behaviour and opinions when it comes to shopping online
  • Inform your organisation’s e-commerce journey

Who Will Use This Report

FMCG executives, category, channel and brand managers, and e-commerce, commercial and sales teams


Ti E-commerce Channel Report 2022
R 75,000 (ex. VAT)
Report available in PPT and PDF
Includes 3 free seats to the E-commerce Channel Online Retail Briefing

Content Framework 

  • Local e-commerce market: Updated market size estimates and views on future growth trajectories.
  • Local category insights: Data on which categories are driving FMCG e-commerce growth.
  • International e-commerce trends: Review of what the big trends are internationally (with focus on the rise / demise of ultra-rapid delivery and the surrounding debates).
  • Local online shopper insights: New shopper survey data and insights – some comparisons with last year’s findings and some new insights from new questions. Includes certain topline insights into how different categories are being shopped, and who is doing the shopping.
  • Local retail trends: Review of what local retailers have been up to in the past year. Includes new focus on each retailer’s strategy around e-commerce / omnichannel.


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