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Make better trade investment decisions

with comparable metrics on who is winning in corporate retail

Why Invest In This Intel 

A must-have channel report for:

  • Informing trade investment decisions: Ideal for customer and revenue investment planning
  • Slides, context and ‘ammo’ for top-to-top meetings, trading terms discussions, buyer meetings and internal business reviews
  • Alignment of growth and operational plans with corporate retailers’ growth agendas

Who Will Use This Report

  • Executive and management teams across key functions – customer, commercial, sales, brand, operations and supply chain

Content Framework 

  • Economic Context
  • Financial Performance
    • Turnover
    • Profit
    • Operations
  • Store Footprint

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19 September 2024  | 8h30-9h30

Insights into who is winning in corporate retail to align your resource allocation for optimum ROI


Retailers profiled

Retailer profiled

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