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Private Label

Taking you on a journey down the shopping aisles of South Africa's major retailers, showcasing their most prominent private brands

Shoprite  Reckless

‘Allo, ‘allo, ‘allo, wot ‘ave we ‘ere? It’s Shoprite, isn’t it, running a nice little game on the side, in the form of “reckless lending” (the National Creditor...    MORE

Bloomberg 06/09/17

Shoprite  Scene: A Blasted Heath

More big news over at Shoprite, in the sense of big stuff happening that probably won’t change much, like Australia slipping into the South Indian Ocean le...    MORE

ENCA 08/09/17

International Retailers  Hey, this water feels a little warmer (ribbit!)

What’s up in the world, then? The fun exciting world of global retail that is, not the other, floody, hurricaney, earthquakey one. Well, things are pretty grim ...    MORE

Bloomberg 28/08/17, CNBC 05/09/17

Clover  A whiter shade of pail

In a sombre trading update last week, of a sort with which we have become all too familiar, Clover let it be known that headline earnings, a reliable measure of...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 11/09/17

SHARE PRICE Prior day's close
MSM 11739

SHP 20853
CLS 15118 SPP 16751
PIK 6076 WHL 6049
INDICATORS 09:42:00 20/09/17
GDP-Q2/2017 +2.5%
R/$ 13:30
CPI-July +4.6%
Prime 10.25%