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Photo Feature
Boxer Sundumbili

Take a tour through this next generation store, providing residents and commuters with easy access to a full-service supermarket.

Woolworths  Stirred, not shaken

A toughish week for the Dapper One, which released a trading update on Thursday to the effect that its headline earnings were likely to drop by up to 7.5% for t...    MORE

Business Day 13/01/17

Massmart  All in good time

Back in the days when Shoprite was painting the continent red, opening African stores hand over fist and watching its share price jump 551% in a decade, Massmar...    MORE

Business Day 12/01/17

SPAR  The great, green, greasy Limpopo River

SPAR Zimbabwe Ltd has only been heading the Zimbabwean business for a year – the owners were granted the license by SPAR International last January – and it’s l...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 17/01/17

Tiger Brands  Earning their stripes?

Not something we do very often, money not being something that is discussed in our family, but what the heck eh? Of note in the recent Tiger Brands annual repor...    MORE

The Citizen 10/01/17

SHARE PRICE Prior day's close
MSM 13014

SHP 17962
CLS 11851 SPP 19769
PIK 6844 WHL 7290
INDICATORS 09:51 19/01/17
GDP-Q3 +0.2%
R/$ 13:61
CPI-Oct +6.4%
Prime 10.50%