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Photo Feature
Boxer Sundumbili

Take a tour through this next generation store, providing residents and commuters with easy access to a full-service supermarket.

Clicks  Strong Medicine

Characteristically robust interims from Clicks last week, with turnover up 8.5% to R13.1bn and operating profit up 14.7% higher to R840m. The Clicks chain itsel...    MORE

IOL 24/04/17

Shoprite  Bom’s away!

A bit of an under-the-radar announcement here from Shoprite, which tells us it intends to spend around $571million US in the next five years expanding its opera...    MORE

Macau Hub 18/04/17

Massmart  Is the Pope a retailer?*

Getting a little granular here, but bear with us: Massmart has reported a miserable first quarter, with sales up just 0.5% year-on-year, with like-store sales a...    MORE

IOL 20/04/17

Unilever  … to the lady at the back in the purple hat…

Some muted good news from our friends over at Le Grand Bleu this week – after seeing off a takeover bid from Kraft, to the ire of some shareholders and scorn of...    MORE

Financial Times 21/04/17

SHARE PRICE Prior day's close
MSM 12800

SHP 20456
CLS 13248 SPP 17981
PIK 6300 WHL 7305
INDICATORS 09:54:00 26/04/17
GDP-Q3 +0.2%
R/$ 13:13
CPI-Dec +6.8%
Prime 10.50%