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Photo Feature
Boxer Nonkqubela

Boxer breaks new ground in the Western Cape, with its 200th store. Located in Nonkqubela Link Mall, the store boasts a new layout.

Shoprite  Red and Whitey and Black all over

Those Shoprite results then, with anticipation for which you have been agog: turnover for the 53 weeks through the end of June was up 14.4% to over R130billion,...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 23/08/16

Steinhoff  A bumpy ride

Oom Christo Wiese of Shoprite is, as you know, the majority shareholder of furniture retailer Steinhoff which has just put in a bid for UK outfit Poundland. We’...    MORE

Reuters 11/08/16

Pick n Pay  The Diamond Coast

As you may have heard, Pick n Pay have entered into a JV with AG Leventis to open retail stores in Nigeria, which is all very exciting, and we wish them all the...    MORE

New Era 19/08/16

Reckitt Benckiser  RB & R&D

Reckitt Benckiser is one of the under-the-radar businesses that bring legendary brands to market without making an inordinate splash about it. Nurofen. Dettol. ...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 23/08/16

SHARE PRICE Prior day's close
MSM 13311

SHP 19500
CLS 12670 SPP 19371
PIK 7600 WHL 8701
INDICATORS 10:05  26/08/16
GDP-Q1 -1.2%
R/$ 14.18
CPI-Apr 6.2%
Prime 10.50%