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Private Label

Taking you on a journey down the shopping aisles of South Africa's major retailers, showcasing their most prominent private brands

Massmart  Dark tidings

Bad news from the Men in Black over at Massmart, who have issued their mid-year trading update: in the 26 weeks through to 25 June, sales grew just 0.5% to R42....    MORE

Ti Analyst 17/07/17

Woolworths  Tightening the cummerband

A trading update from Woolworths, and it tells a by-now familiar story of a well-run business up against the economic and social realities of the day: sales for...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 18/07/17

Pick n Pay  Jargon, much?

Some snippets from Pick n Pay this week, which while embattled in the bricks and mortar space, is making strides in the more ephemeral realms of loyalty and tec...    MORE

IT Web 14/07/17

Tiger Brands  Hungry hearts

The Tiger Brands Foundation piloted its in-schools breakfast programme in collaboration with the Department of Basic Education at six schools in Alexandra towns...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 17/07/17

SHARE PRICE Prior day's close
MSM 11263

SHP 20300
CLS 14725 SPP 16705
PIK 6223 WHL 6328
INDICATORS 10:05:00 21/07/17
GDP-Q4 -0.3%
R/$ 12:97
CPI-April +5.3%
Prime 10.50%