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Photo Feature
Boxer Sundumbili

Take a tour through this next generation store, providing residents and commuters with easy access to a full-service supermarket.

Shoprite  The Red Wedge

Showing this week that it’s equally capable of going it alone, and doesn’t need any fancy mergers thanks very much, was Shoprite, which turned in a very tidy se...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 21/02/17

Shoprite  “It’s aliiiiive!”… fzzzt... beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

So Shopstein has lurched off the table and into the cold storage of history. The deal hinged as you know on an exchange of shares between parties, as follows: S...    MORE

News 24 20/02/17

Woolworths  Strewth! Fair dinkum, etc.

Last week, those in the know would have received our timely and insightful mailer on the Woolies interims. For those who didn’t, a recap: turnover up +6.7%, wit...    MORE

Trade Intelligence 15/02/17

Walmart  Eye of newt, tongue of bat

The Oracle of Omaha has dropped Walmart from his portfolio like a ton of bricks, pronouncing ominously that a retailer in decline is difficult to turn around. W...    MORE

Fortune 15/02/17

SHARE PRICE Prior day's close
MSM 14696

SHP 19215
CLS 12800 SPP 18370
PIK 7039 WHL 6973
INDICATORS 09:55:00 24/02/17
GDP-Q3 +0.2%
R/$ 12:88
CPI-Dec +6.8%
Prime 10.50%