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Photo Feature
Checkers Canal Walk Relaunch

Taking you on a journey through the aisles of the relaunched Checkers Canal Walk store, a world-class store of the future

Woolworths  The Write Stuff

Woolworths can’t promise they won’t (They’re definitely going to – Ed) take a further write-off on their investment in troubled, or even embattled, Aussie retai...    MORE

Business Day 03/12/18

Pick n Pay  A stitch in… oh, never mind.

Storied billionaire Patrice Motsepe has, as you may or may not know, has just launched Africa’s first digital-only bank, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of African...    MORE

Tatler reporter 03/12/18

Karan Beef  Where’s the beef?

Karan Beef has doubled its export volumes since bringing China on-board as a market last year, shipping 4.34million kilograms of the juicy stuff to that growing...    MORE

Business Day 29/11/18

South African Breweries  Nor any drop to drink

SAB’s Newlands Brewery has just received a five-star water rating from the City of Cape Town, which knows a thing or two about the clear and sparkling stuff. Th...    MORE


SHARE PRICE Prior day's close
MSM 10550

SHP 18540
CLS 17871 SPP 19367
PIK 6979 WHL 5479
INDICATORS 10:10:00 11/12/18
GDP-Q3/2018 +2.2%
R/$ 14.40
CPI-Oct +5.1%
Prime 10%