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Photo Feature
Boxer Sundumbili

Take a tour through this next generation store, providing residents and commuters with easy access to a full-service supermarket.

Dis-Chem  Distopia

Those maiden Dis-Chem results, as we hoary old hands of the good ship JSE like to say: turnover up 14.7% to R17.3bn, with like store sales up 9.1%, and operatin...    MORE

The Times 21/05/17

SPAR  Well, well, well.

Hot on the heels of Clicks and Dis-Chem is SPAR, which with 82 pharmacies already in place and 36 in the pipeline, plus a whole bunch of franchisees just champi...    MORE

The Sunday Times 21/05/17

Woolworths  How much is that dogfood in the window?

Doing the right thing by the smaller supplier this week is the Dapper One, aka Woolies and i.e. Woolworths, who have teamed up with the Department of Trade and ...    MORE

Business Report 19/05/17

Oceana Brands  Into the West

A couple years ago, you will recall, Oceana Brands acquired on the Tiger Brands and Brimstone coin a US fishery by the name of Daybrook, and not knowing much ab...    MORE

Business Day 22/05/17

SHARE PRICE Prior day's close
MSM 11198

SHP 20869
CLS 13721 SPP 17395
PIK 6052 WHL 6715
INDICATORS 10:23:00 26/05/17
GDP-Q4 -0.3%
R/$ 12:85
CPI-March +6.1%
Prime 10.50%