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Private Label

Taking you on a journey down the shopping aisles of South Africa's major retailers, showcasing their most prominent private brand products

Amazon  Whole Shooting Match

So Amazon is set to buy bongo North American grocery retailer Whole Foods for the princely sum of $13.7billion. Knowing what Whole Foods manage to charge for a ...    MORE

Slate 18/06/17

Food Lover’s Market  Going Gangbusters

Did we say it was a slow news week? Not anymore! Food Lover’s Market, having trialled its Goodness Gang collection of nutrition-themed plushies in the Western C...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 13/06/17

Retailers  The Numbers Game

Fascinating study over here about ...    MORE

BusinessTech 14/06/17

Unilever  Dah-dah, da-dah-dah, dah-dah-dah-dah-daaaaaah, Wuhu!*

So Unilever have relaunched their stodgily-titled Unilever deals, under the way more dynamic fresh and exciting Wuhu, with something called social media support...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 18/06/17

SHARE PRICE Prior day's close
MSM 10630

SHP 19762
CLS 14075 SPP 1533
PIK 5676 WHL 6301
INDICATORS 09:44:00 26/06/17
GDP-Q4 -0.3%
R/$ 12:87
CPI-April +5.3%
Prime 10.50%