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Photo Feature
Checkers Canal Walk Relaunch

Taking you on a journey through the aisles of the relaunched Checkers Canal Walk store, a world-class store of the future

Woolworths  Reverse engineering

When it comes to doing the right thing by dear old Planet Earth, the spirit is willing but the flesh is sitting under a palm tree somewhere, sipping Pina Colada...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 08/08/18

Checkers  Salmon like you

Speaking Woolies, their recent travails in Aus have meant they haven’t been able to rest on their laurels in any way. But even if they were so inclined ….. heee...    MORE

Business Insider 13/08/18

Massmart  Hepscuse me?

We don’t judge the performance of a business solely on its headline earnings per share – it’s a dangerous lone indicator. But there are some who understandably ...    MORE

Business Day 08/08/18

Clover  Hepsolutely fabulous

A couple inches up north we were talking down the significance of headline earnings. But when you’re looking at year on year growth of 200%+, we’re prepared to ...    MORE

IOL 08/08/18

SHARE PRICE Prior day's close
MSM 10930

SHP 21349
CLS 18799 SPP 19086
PIK 7102 WHL 5111
INDICATORS 10:05:00 16/08/18
GDP-Q1/2018 -2.2%
R/$ 14.54
CPI-June +4.6%
Prime 10%