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Photo Feature
Checkers Canal Walk Relaunch

Taking you on a journey through the aisles of the relaunched Checkers Canal Walk store, a world-class store of the future

Roundup  Building momentum

Shoprite continue to lean on the tried and tested strategy of value, to keep customers loyal in these troubled times, sometimes in very specific terms: the busi...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 10/07/18

Roundup  Wax on, wax off

SC Johnson’s Kiwi Shoe Polish is the winner of the 2018/2019 Kasi Star Brands awards, which recognise products most loyally used by township consumers – an indi...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 10/07/18

The Economy  Do us a favour…

In what seems to us an unprecedented turn, government is asking business – in our very specific case manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers – to foot ...    MORE

Business Times 08/07/18

International Retailers  I bless the chains down in A-africa

Lest you think it’s just us, a Listeriosis outbreak traced to frozen corn has claimed nine lives in Europe, and 43 frozen food products have been recalled by re...    MORE

Business Times 01/07/18

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MSM 10509

SHP 22121
CLS 18722 SPP 18611
PIK 7499 WHL 5365
INDICATORS 10:55:00 18/07/18
GDP-Q1/2018 -2.2%
R/$ 13.32
CPI-May +4.4%
Prime 10%