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Photo Feature
Boxer Sundumbili

Take a tour through this next generation store, providing residents and commuters with easy access to a full-service supermarket.

Shoprite   $@#$%! @#$#&, *&%$#@.

“Oh My Goodness!” is not an epithet which falls frequently from the lips of Gordon Ramsey, who famously prefers the stronger stuff. Nevertheless, that is the na...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 20/03/17

SPAR  How these guns bru?

Cleverly capturing the hearts and minds, and of course wallets, of the increasing number of South Africans who hanker after toned abs and tight glutes is SPAR, ...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 20/03/17

Choppies  Half full, half empty? We’ve got whole bottles across the border.

Putting a cheerful spin on things this week was ebullient Choppies CEO Ram Ottapathu, who delivering the interims spake thus: "My mandate is to grow the company...    MORE

The Times 19/03/17

British American Tobacco  There’s gold in them tar lungs

British American Tobacco (BAT) has just taken one on the chin at the ASA from feisty veteran Leonard Dingler, a company, not a person and the manufacturer of th...    MORE

Business Day 14/03/17, The Times 16/03/17

SHARE PRICE Prior day's close
MSM 14990

SHP 20857
CLS 13554 SPP 18285
PIK 7170 WHL 7376
INDICATORS 09:40:00 24/03/17
GDP-Q3 +0.2%
R/$ 12:48
CPI-Dec +6.8%
Prime 10.50%