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Photo Feature
Makro New Store Opening

Taking you on a journey through the aisles of the flagship Makro Riversands, a world-class store of the future

Dis-Chem  Super Disci

Welcome to the fray Dis-Chem, which having listed last year is subject to the usual hurly burly of public trading – results presentations (“Has anyone seen slid...    MORE

Business Day 16/02/18

Massmart  The malls have fears

Back in 2015, you will recall (although it seems a lifetime ago) Massmart brought a complaint to the Competition Tribunal to the effect that exclusivity agreeme...    MORE

Business Tech 13/02/18

Clicks  Bust out the cigars

A nice big payday for Clicks workers participating in the employee share scheme via their Employee Share Ownership (Esop) Trust: the Trust has just flogged off ...    MORE

IOL 19/02/18

Oceana  Avast! Not to mention belay.

Skullduggery on the high seas, where Capn’ Francois Kuttel has tipped himself the black spot, if you will, and is resigning his position as CEO of fishing congl...    MORE

Business Day 14/02/18

SHARE PRICE Prior day's close
MSM 14601

SHP 24647
CLS 17000 SPP 20735
PIK 7038 WHL 6600
INDICATORS 10:54:00 22/02/18
GDP-Q3/2017 +2.0%
R/$ 14.35
CPI-Dec +4.7%
Prime 10.25%