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Photo Feature
Boxer Nonkqubela

Boxer breaks new ground in the Western Cape, with its 200th store. Located in Nonkqubela Link Mall, the store boasts a new layout.

Woolworths  The ice these days, is gettin’ pretty thin…

Bam! A Woolies trading update. Group sales up 16.4% for the 52 weeks through June, with clothing and GM up 8.2% and food up a handsome 11.9%, including food ser...    MORE

Moneyweb 14/07/16

Checkers  Admit one

Perish the thought that Checkers would let a marketing opportunity go to waste, even if it does come on the back of an abject apology by the Sunday Times for mi...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 20/07/16

Massmart  Another view

Yet another set of results has been slapped onto our desks, which we have conveniently packaged for you right MORE

The Fourways Review 12/07/16

Unilever  A close sha… oh, shut up.

This is news the hugeness of which it would be difficult to overestimate. Unilever has bought, for the sum of a billion dollars, the Dollar Shave Club. In the S...    MORE

BBC 20/07/16

SHARE PRICE Prior day's close
MSM 14380

SHP 19949
CLS 12400 SPP 20726
PIK 7849 WHL 8627
INDICATORS 10:00 25/07/16
GDP-Q1 -1.2%
R/$ 14.33
CPI-Apr 6.2%
Prime 10.50%