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Photo Feature
Checkers Canal Walk Relaunch

Taking you on a journey through the aisles of the relaunched Checkers Canal Walk store, a world-class store of the future

Woolworths  Baby steps…

An inauspicious start to the year for Woolworths, which has fought another one of its ill-advised Goliath vs David battles with a smaller business and lost. Las...    MORE

BizCommunity 10/01/19

Shoprite  Ticketed

The Competition Commission has recommended that the Competition Tribunal fine the Shoprite Group and Computicket a total of 10% of their annual turnover for ant...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 30/12/18

Pick n Pay  State of Independents

Three new Gauteng-based independent retailers have joined Pick n Pay’s Market Store Partnership. Their respective stories are instructive. The BVN Market in Moh...    MORE

IOL 30/12/18

RCL FOODS  Smoked chicken

The business formerly known as Rainbow Chicken has long been a jewel in the Remgro crown, and last week they upped their stake to 78%, with the purchase of an a...    MORE

Business Day 10/01/19

SHARE PRICE Prior day's close
MSM 9313

SHP 18500
CLS 19201 SPP 20217
PIK 7284 WHL 5030
INDICATORS 11:03:00 23/01/19
GDP-Q3/2018 +2.2%
R/$ 13.90
CPI- Nov +5.2%
Prime 10.25%