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Photo Feature
Dis-Chem Pharmacy

Take a photographic tour through Dis-Chem Pharmacy Somerset Mall

Shoprite  Shop of the desert

Reminding us this week of what a global powerhouse we still could be – and in many ways still are – is Shoprite, which joins FirstRand, Sasol and MTN in the Bus...    MORE

New Era 11/07/19

SPAR  In the bag

SPAR is taking a typically considered and strategic approach to doing the right thing while bringing the punters along for the ride. We refer of course to its c...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 17/07/19

Massmart  They’ve met their Mitch

It seems that the Wakro experiment, as we waggishly used to call it, is not over. Well, we knew that: the appointment of Walmart’s ‘fixer’, Mitch Slape, to the ...    MORE

The Africa Report 10/07/19

International Retailers  I, Robot.

Sticking with Walmart, 17,000 Walmart workers in Chile went on an indefinite strike last week, demanding to be compensated for the multitasking required by the ...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 15/07/19

SHARE PRICE Prior day's close
MSM 6439

SHP 16056
CLS 21231 SPP 19605
PIK 6758 WHL 5346
INDICATORS 09:50:00 19/07/19
GDP-Q1/2019 -3.2%
R/$ 13.82
CPI- May +4.5%
Prime 10.25%