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Private Label

Taking you on a journey down the shopping aisles of South Africa's major retailers, showcasing their most prominent private brands

Shoprite  Showdown at the OK Corral

Something of an imbroglio – is that a word? – over at Shoprite, where The Big Red One is struggling to get minority shareholders to embrace the idea of a R1.7bn...    MORE

Business Day 10/08/17

Pick n Pay  Get Smart

Pick n Pay has just released its new smartphone app, and it’s a scorcher. Downloaded 10,000 times within the first 24 hours of release of the Android version, t...    MORE

Business Tech 07/08/17

International Retailers  Is the grass really greener?

Like Pick n Pay on these shores, UK retailer Sainsbury’s is attempting to claw back profitability by shedding jobs, with 1,000 positions at head office set to g...    MORE

Tatler Reporter 10/08/17

Premier Foods  Just Sue It™

OK here’s a weird one for you, not sure how this even got to where it did on the first place: Premier Foods, established almost 200 years ago, said last we...    MORE

IOL 10/08/17

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GDP-Q1/2017 -0.7%
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CPI-June +5.1%
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