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Why Invest

Executive Briefing

Strategic cross-functional insights into your retail trading partners

Is your senior management and executive team equipped with the necessary knowledge and insight into your retail customers strategic growth imperatives?

Does your executive team know:

  • Your retail customers strategy and the implications for your business and trading relationship?
  • The operational (supply chain and IT) changes in the pipeline and the resulting impact on, and expectations of your business?
  • The cultural shifts and management movements and how they will impact your trading relationships?
  • Where to invest, maintain and where to defend in terms of the retail customer  landscape?
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What can delegates expect?

View the market through the eyes of your retail customer, build stronger, more profitable trading relationships.

  • Overview of the trading context
    - PESTLE factors impact on the SA food and grocery sector, and shopper/retail behaviour
    - The size of the prize and a comparative view of how your customers are stacking up
    - The retail trends at play – what this means for future-proofing your business
  • A strategic view on major FMCG retailers 
    - Deep-dive into selected key customer to cover the following:
    - Retailer joint business planning (JBP) mindset, state of evolution, and resulting expectation of suppliers
    - Market positioning, route-to-market, store and shopper profiles
    -Trended financial performance (KPIs) – the context to building a winning commercial proposition
    - Strategy and growth imperative – aligning your business plan and trading mindset to win
  • The workshop covers 5 retailers to be selected by the clients

Corporate Retail


Wholesale / Retail / Hybrid


Corporate Front Shop Pharmacy



  • To achieve cross-functional executive understanding of, and insight into, the retail customer landscape and the resulting implications for your business and your trade investment



  • Your team understands latest drivers and pressures in the macro retail landscape
  • Drill down and get aligned to your retail customer’s strategic growth objectives, realities and expectations, at a cross-functional level
  • Avoid black swans – find out what you don’t know
  • Have the context to build a competitive commercial proposition
  • Drive retail customer profitability

Who should attend?

  • CEOs
  • Sales Executives
  • Group Account Executives
  • Customer Operations Executives
  • Marketing/Brand Executives
  • Supply Chain Executives
  • Merchandise Executives


  • 4,5 hour presentation & discussion
  • In boardroom Lead Retail Analyst facilitated

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