Training & Seminars - MyCustomer 3.0

Programme Overview: 
  • Your retail customer connects your brand with your target shopper at the ‘moment of truth’ - the shop shelf. Now, more than ever, retailers offer suppliers the means to engage with shopper’s beyond the POP. Understand the opportunities that these communication platforms represent for your category/brand
  • Customer-aligned Category and Brand Plans are no longer a nice-to-have. A considered, insight-driven plan, that optimises customer, category and brand ROI, begins with knowing the trading context
  • The programme outlines the imperative of a joint business planning (JBP) approach to shopper marketing, and the critical role marketing plays in the cross-functional customer engagement model
  • The new product launch checklist provides delegates with the guidelines to ensure the critical questions around retail customer listing, are addressed when embarking upon a new product development cycle
  • The programme is delivered by our team of experienced retail analysts, who enhance course content with knowledge and insight gathered from face-to-face retailer engagement, and extensive research from the shop floor
Who should attend: 
The MyCustomer 3.0 Series is targeted at middle-to-senior management with an existing knowledge of the consumer goods context and retail customer.

The Effective Shopper Engagement module’ is designed for Marketing, Category and Brand teams
  • Brand Marketing
  • Channel, Customer Marketing
Key Learning Outcomes
A solid ‘situation analysis’ of the SA food and grocery industry

Insight into your retail customers strategic drivers and resulting expectations of brand marketers

An understanding of the retailer’s annual promotional calendar, and shopper marketing  platforms, enabling you to respond at both a strategic and tactical level

Retail shopper marketing inspiration and reference material
  Understand the imperatives for listing success
    An informed retail customer conversation, and aligned category and brand plan

Module Content

The SA Food and grocery trading context
  • An overview of the SA food and grocery industry, trading conditions, shifting channel and shopper dynamics
  • Impact on retail strategy
  • Customer comparative performance across the majors (KPI’s)
Operating in an omni-channel shopper engagement world
  • The joint business planning (JBP) mindset imperative – the role of Marketing/Brand 
  • The new product launch checklist
  • Retailer shopper engagement platforms – new shopper communication channels
A View by Retail Customer and Format
  • Business structure and marketing contact points
  • Retail brand positioning and the brand alignment imperative
  • Trading formats and the approach to shopper segmentation
  • Retailer financial performance
  • Topline strategic imperatives and growth plans
  • Customer shopper marketing vehicles
  • Approach to value
  • Position on sustainability and supplier scorecarding
  • Shopper marketing: what’s going on in-store
Case Study
  • The new product launch checklist
  • Effective retailer-supplier joint business planning in action
  • How you can apply your newly-gained retail customer insight to your category and brand planning process


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