Ian Moir
(CEO of Woolworths Holdings Limited)

Woolworths Holdings Limited is an investment company with two subsidiary brands, Woolworths (Pty) Ltd South Africa (on which this report focuses) which includes operations in Africa and the Middle East, and Country Road Limited in Australia and New Zealand.

Emphasising value through quality, Woolworths SA sells a wide range of food products, clothing, home-ware and financial services in over 400 stores nationwide and nearly 45 franchised outlets elsewhere in Africa and the Middle East (Bahrain and the UAE), although only the South African operation is covered in this profile. The Group is distinguished from other retailers in that most products fall under its own brand with only a limited selection of branded goods sold in store.

Max Sonnenberg founded Woolworths in Cape Town in 1931, believing South Africa offered outstanding retailing opportunities. His belief that success lay in providing customers with superior quality merchandise at reasonable prices has been instrumental in establishing Woolworths as one of South Africa’s leading retail chains... MORE

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Woolworths Shoppers
Woolworths Shoppers
Woolworths Shoppers
Woolworths Shoppers
Woolworths Shoppers
Woolworths Shoppers
Woolworths Shoppers
Woolworths Shoppers
Woolworths Shoppers

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