Ian Moir
(CEO of Woolworths Holdings Limited)

Woolworths Holdings Limited is a South African-based retail group listed on the JSE Limited and is headed by CEO Ian Moir. In South Africa, the Group trades as Woolworths (Pty) Ltd. Woolworths Holdings also owns Country Road Ltd and David Jones Ltd, clothing and homeware retailers in Australia. Woolworths Financial Services (Pty) Ltd is a joint venture with Barclays Africa Group.

Woolworths was founded by Max Sonnenberg in Cape Town in 1931, believing South Africa offered outstanding retailing opportunities. His belief that success lay in providing customers with superior quality merchandise at reasonable prices has been instrumental in establishing Woolworths as one of South Africa’s leading retail chains.

Woolworths sells a wide range of food products, clothing, homeware and financial services nationwide in over 600 stores. It is distinct from other retailers in that approximately 90% of the product offering falls under the Woolworths brand, with a limited range of branded goods.
The growth of Woolworths Food over the past 10 years has been significant with Woolworths entrenching itself as a formidable food retail player in the LSM 8 to 10 market. Woolworths is focused on a ‘supermarket strategy’ where it is seeking to compete more strongly in food retail in South Africa and Africa. This has been achieved through the growth in the number of Food stores and Food store size, accommodating a larger range with more national brands.

Despite a growing portfolio in Australasia, Woolworths remains committed to growth in South Africa and Africa.

For insight into Woolworths’ financial & operational performance and strategic growth imperatives, contact Trade Intelligence on 031 303 2803 or info@tradeintelligence.co.za

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Woolworths Shoppers
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Woolworths Shoppers
Woolworths Shoppers
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