Pieter Engelbrecht
(CEO of Shoprite Holdings Limited)

Shoprite Holdings Limited is the largest consumer goods retail group in Africa with both corporate and franchise outlets in 15 countries across Africa and the Indian Ocean islands. The Group, headed by CEO Pieter Engelbrecht, is listed on the JSE Limited, with secondary listings on both the Namibian and Zambian Stock exchanges.

Shoprite was founded by Barney Rogut in 1967 and later purchased eight Cape-based supermarkets for R1 million in 1979. The next 35 years were marked by various acquisitions and innovative expansion strategies that brought it to the business it is today.

On the food and grocery side of the business, the Group has invested significantly in building the Checkers, Shoprite and Usave trading brands, giving each a distinct brand identity and target shopper, enabling the Group to play to the complexity of the South African market.
The Group’s success is hinged on an impressive supply chain infrastructure, facilitating domestic growth largely driven by its aggressive pursuit of new store openings. Innovators in the area of value-added services, the Group has maximised share of the customer wallet while driving customer loyalty.

With over 17 years of experience in Africa, African operations have become a major source of revenue for the Group, with its over 200 supermarkets contributing to just over 15% of Group turnover.

For insight into Shoprite’s financial & operational performance and strategic growth imperatives, contact Trade Intelligence on 031 303 2803 or talishaw@tradeintelligence.co.za

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