Whitey Basson
(CEO of Shoprite Holdings Limited)

Shoprite Holdings Limited is the largest consumer goods retail group in Africa with continued expansion on the continent, and the Indian Ocean islands. According to CEO Whitey Basson, the Group has managed to “derive the full benefit from the changes and improvements it had effected to its business model over the past several years” despite the South African economy experiencing what can best be described as muted recovery following the financial crisis of 2008/2009.

The food side of the business consists of four trading brands: Shoprite, Checkers, OK Franchise and Usave. Shoprite also owns OK Furniture.

Shoprite is a remarkably well-run business with tight central control over a vast and complex supply chain and a diverse range of trading brands – 200,000 product lines from over 5,000 suppliers distributed to over 1,000 supermarkets and just under 400 franchised outlets in 16 countries, incorporated into a central database and replenishment system.

Barney Rogut founded Shoprite in 1967 and the Group launched with the purchase of eight Cape-based supermarkets for R1 million in 1979. It was listed on the JSE Securities Exchange in 1986, purchased the Grand Bazaars group in 1990 and Checkers in 1991, thereby trebling its size overnight to 241 outlets and 22,600 staff... MORE

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TEL 021 980 4000
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