The Independent Wholesale Trade Profile Reports 2014

The Independent Wholesale channel continues to adapt in an ever-changing and fiercely competitive trading landscape - now more than ever it is imperative for suppliers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their key wholesale customers.

The Independent Wholesale Trade Profile Reports are the outcome of a 12-month research process, engaging with South Africa's leading independent wholesale and buying group players to provide a clear perspective on the Independent Wholesale channel.

What you'll get
  • A view of channel dynamics, growth imperatives and marketing opportunities
  • Insight into five major players within the SA Independent Wholesale Trade, including size and growth, strategic imperatives and route-to-market capacity
  • Identify the implications / opportunities for your business, from operations to shopper marketing   
Report format
  • Photograph and data-rich PowerPoint report ready to share with your team
  • Management-ready decks can be dropped directly into your customer strategy presentations
  • Easy and quick to download wherever you are
Report Contents:

The South African Independent Wholesale and Retail Sector Report 
  • Size, scope and major players
  • Key trends and inherent supplier and wholesaler opportunities
 Trade Profile Reports: ICC, BEC, Elite Star, UMS & Masscash Wholesale
  • Management and Operational Structure
  • Store Geographic Spread and Growth
  • Strategic Focus Areas
  • Pricing
  • Supply Chain
  • Ranging
  • Shopper Profile
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Sustainability
  • SWOT