Brian Coppin
(Co-Founder & Managing Director of Fruit & Veg City Holdings)

Fruit & Veg City is the most innovative fresh retailer in Southern Africa. The business was started in 1993 by brothers Brian and Mike Coppin. Since the beginning it has always been a family business, with emphasis placed on good old family values such as wholesomeness, trust, honesty and integrity. The brothers' vision was to create a store that would resemble a marketplace of old, where farmers brought their fresh produce from their farms to be sold to the public.

The dedication to freshness at an affordable price has always remained one of the cornerstones on which Fruit & Veg City is built. Today the business has more than 323 stores including Fruit & Veg City, Food Lovers Market, Freshstop and Market Liquor outlets throughout Southern Africa, and even as far afield as Australia, with an annual turnover of over R9billion.

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