Louis Greeff  (CEO)

Elite Star Trading Africa (EST Africa) is an independent buying group formed in 2007 through an amalgamation of the Devland Cash & Carry, Yarona Cash & Carry and Hikma Trading operations, together with EST Managing Director, Louis Greeff. 

As a collective buying organisation, EST Africa has a focus on improving the trading term packages allocated by suppliers to independent traders and has adopted a transparent business formula allowing both members and suppliers to reach their full potential.

The company is structured as two operating divisions. The first, EST Africa (Pty) Ltd, represents the Group’s food & grocery business and incorporates approximately 220 independently owned and managed wholesale, retail and distribution outlets, and approximately 85 franchise affiliated member stores. 

The second is Temblor Trading (Pty) Ltd, a specialist building supplies division, representing approximately 470 hardware wholesale and retailers. Both divisions have a prominent footprint in South Africa, neighbouring states and other sub-Saharan African countries. 

For insight into Elite Star’s operational performance and strategic growth imperatives, contact Trade Intelligence on 031 303 2803 or info@tradeintelligence.co.za

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