Richard Brasher
(CEO of Pick n Pay Stores Limited)

Boxer was launched in April 1977 in KwaZulu-Natal as KwaZulu Cash ‘n Carry, a conventional wholesaler, trading in essential commodities, such as maize meal, rice, samp, sugar, oil and beans. In the late 1990s, the company repositioned itself, shifting to a complete retail offering, supplying the LSM 2 to 6 informal market, bulk consumer and retail consumer with a one-stop-shop.

In 1991, the business was renamed Boxer Superstores, and it was acquired by the Pick n Pay Group in 2003, giving Pick n Pay the opportunity to extend the reach of its business to the lower LSMs.

Boxer stores are located in urban, peri-urban and rural areas with high middle-to-low LSM foot traffic, whether directly off the street, at key commuter nodes or within a shopping mall development.

Part of the success of Boxer is its deep understanding of its shoppers, connection to the communities in which it trades, and its innovation in value-added service to meet its traditionally under-served customers’ needs.

Led by MD Eugene Stoop, Boxer is today a national retailer. It operates over 200 corporate stores across food, liquor and DIY, trading strongly in the mid-to-lower income sector of the market.

For insight into Boxer’s operational performance and strategic growth imperatives, contact Trade Intelligence on 031 303 2803 or

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