Walmart in South Africa

Walmart in South Africa - Report Set
International performance + implications for SA suppliers

Format: Hardcopy
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The South African retail landscape is about to change fundamentally. Walmart has made a non-binding offer to purchase Massmart, and is likely be a major force in South African retail in the near future.

In our ongoing commitment to providing you with the Trade Profile reports that you need to maximise your commercial engagement with your Retail and Wholesale customers, we are excited to announce the publication of the Walmart Trade Profile report.

Based on 12 Guiding Principles for Growth, the report will provide you with a guide to your business growth with Massmart into the future. Relevant from Supply Chain to Shopper Marketing to CSI planning and Operational Guidelines, the report is a practical guide to the strategy and operations of the world’s biggest retailer, and will equip you and your team with the tools you need to ready your business for Walmart’s arrival.

What do you receive?
The complete Walmart Report includes:
- 80 page Walmart Trade Profile Report
- 65 page 12 Guiding Principles for Growth Report

Content Outline

The 12 Guiding Principles for Growth

  1. Global size : What Walmart’s scale means for suppliers
  2. Strategy : Global and local
  3. Trading Formats
  4. Walmart’s 12 Operating principals
  5. Local Government + Union Engagement : Best practices
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility : A top KPI and requirement of suppliers
  7. Customer Marketing :
    Shopper Marketing, Retail Link, Category Management and Joint Business Planning process - what and how + top 5 KPI's
  8. Supply Chain expectations
  9. Trading Relationships
  10. Contact Strategy guideline

Click here to download a preview of the report.

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