Trade Intelligence provides powerful CGI retail insights and integrated communication solutions to promote effective, profitable trading relationships and inspire interest in the industry

Profiling SA’s major retail and wholesale players 

Insight-rich, presentation-ready reports

Your retail customer’s strategic drivers, trended KPI’s, growth imperatives and shopper engagement initiatives.

Foundation knowledge, Strategic insight, Supplier briefings & CBP Toolkits 

mycustomer 2.0

In-depth introduction to the South African consumer goods industry and its major players

2-day ‘know-your-customer’ workshop for cross-functional teams with limited knowledge of the trade

mycustomer 3.0

Build an effective category, brand and customer business plan

1-day channel, customer and format ‘situation analysis’, for mid to senior management teams

tradescape | Series

An annual executive imperative

Grocery retail trends and insights, providing clear context for informed, relevant business strategy and planning


Experience the trade to know the trade

Route-to-market, in-store and in-home trade immersionand guided learning

News from the consumer goods industry  – fresh every week

An excellent read – incisive, insightful and irreverent. It is not simply a gathering of feeds and links, but a compact summary of the available information combined with considered ‘insider’ insight

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